Why boomerangs?

A boomerang returns to its point of origin when
thrown correctly & come in many shapes and sizes. Organizations of all shapes & sizes can benefit greatly from their employees, data, & business processes
when managed correctly… when managed with a truly agile ECM.

Orienge at Info360 Expo

Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) has presented its robust and agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system Conterra at info360 Expo, the most comprehensive event focused on information management.

On June 13-14, 2012, Javits Center, New York City hosted the longest running and most comprehensive event focused on providing actionable advice for information management, info360.

As an expert at solving content and business process challenges and a premier ECM solutions software developer, at this show Orienge presented its powerful and agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, Conterra.

“This year have come to info360 Expo with the concept of Agile ECM that has emerged as a response to the challenges of our time,” says Daniel P. Shields, President and CEO of Orienge. “With the rapidly and constantly changing business environment, an ability to adapt easily becomes an absolute must. To be (or stay) efficient, business has to respond promptly to every new challenge and NOT challenge; and agile ECM is supposed to help deal with this. This is NOT about the future. It exists TODAY with Conterra and NOT Conterra; and we have proved it at info360!”

Everyone who wanted to know more about ECM agility were invited to visit the Orienge Conterra booth in Innovation Alley (see booth #744 on the floor plan). Orienge consultants were always ready to demonstrate the rich functionality of the Conterra system and a variety of “plug and play” Conterra-based business solutions such as Contract Management, HR Processes Management, and others.

Coming with the Agile ECM concept, Orienge stated that an agile ECM system (or platform) should: 1 – Be Intuitive & Easy to use; 2 – Have a clear connection of Document Management & Business Process Management; 3 – Be interoperable with Business Solutions and other application software; and, 4 – Provide a Development Environment that supports today’s organizational issues with an eye towards constant improvements for tomorrow. Focusing on Item #4, Orienge invited info360 visitors to put Conterra’s AGILITY to the test.

Every info360 visitor could come participate in Orienge workshops to give some of their requirements and/or ideas and see how the Conterra system could respond! They also could e-mail a challenge prior to the Workshop asking us to prove Conterra’s agility in the workshop topic area.

Visitors could choose their workshop by date, time, and the topic they were most interested in.

June 13/14, 10:30 AM – 10:45 AM: Automated Document Creation. Templates.
A template is a specific Conterra document kind which contains a trusted version of a document (Microsoft Word file) that is coded to accept trusted attribute data and be pre-filled during creation. That workshop started with an existing Conterra template, searched for areas of improvement (with the audiences help), and put AGILITY to the test by implementing some of those areas of improvement during the workshop.

June 13/14, 12:30 PM – 12:45 PM: Collaboration. Focus on Workflow.
Collaboration is working together to achieve a goal. The primary collaboration tool in Conterra is enabled with workflow and executed via tasks (assigning jobs & making notices). That workshop started with an existing Conterra workflow (called a standard route), discussed specific capabilities for collaboration, interacted with the audience for specific workflow challenges, and put AGILITY to the test by implementing some of those challenges during the workshop.

Every Orienge workshop culminated with a short quiz. All the winners got artistically painted authentic boomerangs as prizes for their agile knowledge.

Why boomerangs? — Well, we have two boomerangs as Orienge Conterra logo. -- Why boomerangs in logo still? -- A boomerang returns to its point of origin when thrown correctly and come in many shapes and sizes. We believe that organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit greatly from their employees, data, and business processes when managed correctly. We believe that the Orienge Conterra ECM system is the right tool effective and efficient content & process management.

We were happy to see you at info360 and will be happy to meet you again!

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