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What Conterra FIM Is

Conterra FIM is enterprise-level software for accounts payable automation. It is a powerful tool to manage AP workflow and reduce your costs per invoice.

Powerful features our accounts payable automation solution provides:
— automated invoice data extraction,
— three-way matching,
— easy GL-coding,
— vendors notification — and much more!

If you have more than 5 AP professionals in your organization that processes more than 500 invoices monthly and this volume constantly increases, this solution is for you.

"Cut down your invoice input operations time by up to 70% with Conterra FIM AP automation"
"Reduce the added cost of validation errors like duplicate payment by at least 80% with Conterra FIM"
"Spend 70% less time than you used to spend by automating accounts payable with Conterra FIM"
"Automate AP process with Conterra FIM to save 90% of your storage and retrieval outsourcing costs"
"Reduce the cheating risks by 99% with automatic expense report duplicate control"

Full Cycle of AP Automation

Conterra FIM captures and stores e-mails, PDFs, e-invoices and scanned paper to a central repository. The AP process starts whenever a new invoice enters the system via fax, e-mail or scan.

Up to 98% of invoice data are recognized automatically by optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Manual invoice entry process is eliminated.

Integration with the existing accounting software means you only enter data once.

Accounts payable automation leads to reducing invoice input operations time by up to 70%.

Conterra FIM alerts users about duplicate payable invoices, purchase order mismatches and other accounts payable data inconsistencies.

Invoices can be connected to the related contracts and verified against budget or contract terms and conditions.

Accounts payable managers easily assign GL codes and validate invoices for further approval and payment.

Conterra FIM software reduces the added cost of validation errors like duplicate payment by at least 80%.

Accounts payable workflow is configured based on the existing business process. It can additionally be modified in accordance with Orienge expert recommendations.

When actions are required approvers receive tasks with all the information they need to make a decision. With the transparency of a controlled process, AP specialist knows the status of every invoice payable, and the reason for delays. Users can easily view the pipeline of all open invoices to keep things moving.

With Conterra FIM employees spend 70% less time on invoice processing.

Conterra FIM allows users to track invoices on different work stages and analyze the relationships with vendors.

An accounts payable specialist can easily generate any invoice list with all the details or export and print the required invoice. Preparing information for an audit takes a couple clicks with Conterra FIM.

The AP solution can be integrated with any financial, accounting or ERP system so that they get the information automatically without interrupting the accounts payable workflow.

The Conterra FIM AP solution saves 90% of the current storage and retrieval outsourcing costs.

NEWExpense Report Management

Expense Report Management is a natural addition to the Conterra FIM accounts payable automation solution, designed to streamline the expense report management process from creation thru verification and approval for both pre-paid and non-pre-paid expenses submitted by employees and freelance workers.

Employees benefit from simple reports uploading and improved approval process transparency. Freelance workers have access to simplified Enterprise Report Management portal. AP specialists enjoy the advantages of deadline control function for expense reports submission and approval. The CFO benefits from enhanced financial control.

Prices & Packages

Select one of the three package solutions according to your company size and the amount of invoices.

Regardless of Conterra FIM edition and depending on your needs, you can choose your optimum deployment option (local on-premise installation or remote cloud-based installation) and implementation package (minimal, compact or full).


  • 15 users (25 max)
  • 5 AP professionals
  • 1,000 invoices/mo
Software Price
starts from $11,700


  • 25 users (50 max)
  • 10 AP professionals
  • 2,500 invoices/mo
  • OCR with up to 100,000 captured invoice pages per year


  • 50 users (100 max)
  • 15 AP professionals
  • 2,500+ invoices/mo
  • OCR with up to 300,000 captured invoice pages per year

The implementation, configuration, staff training and deployment costs depend on the project specifics. Feel free to request for detailed price specifications from our managers.

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