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iPhone 6 and Invoice Management

Mobile content management trend is up like never before! A lot of businesses prefer to supply employees with mobility and ubiquitous access to corporate content. Indeed, using smart devices in professional life is a good opportunity to keep track of business issues and act faster on any changes. Invoice and expense report management are the business processes that brook no delays. Approving invoices on the go considerably reduces time spent on accounts payable processing and improves invoice management efficiency.

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Expense Report Management: Why It’s Next Solution After AP Automation

Expense reporting and accounts payable processing are an integral part of an organization’s financial management and play a critical role in the overall financial system. Consider the following: You implemented an accounts payable automation solution and started to benefit from facilitated and accelerated AP workflow management including invoice capture, validation, processing, approval and analysis. However, your company still uses a manual expense reporting process requiring a lot of time and money on reports creation, submission, verification, approval and reimbursement.

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