ECM Year Resume

Vacation is over and a new business season is coming up. Getting back into the swing of a normal routine can be stressful for your ECM system as it is aimed to manage information, content, business processes, collaboration and satisfy your demands which are definitely greater than just a year or two ago.

The amount of information has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Large volumes of content and its wide variety seem to be one of the most dominant trends now. Efficient management of such diverse business information is what the modern ECM system and methodologies are about.

Enterprise Content Management has matured and shown itself as a huge contributor to the growing amount of data every organization has to deal with. Many questions were discussed by experts of the ECM industry on the info360 Conference & Expo that took place in June in New York City. I got particularly interested in two sessions: the one moderated by Tony Byrne, founder and president of the Real Story Group, and the other moderated by Dan Elam, chief operating officer at RSC Solutions. They gave pretty practical and full answers to the eternal questions of ECM future such as measuring return on investment (ROI) for ECM projects. In their keynotes, Tony Byrne and Dan Elam also commented on the role of standards, the future of SharePoint as well as of paperless technologies, and cloud-based ECM systems.

However the focus of the keynotes and the info360 Conference & Expo in general was mobility and consumerization of the ECM solutions. These are really important trends that we can hardly ignore and that are going to determine the development of ECM technologies over the next 2-3 years.

Meet the new world of content management that exposes smart and user-friendly interfaces, provides new social tools for sharing, solving business tasks, and collaboration. The information that you need is just one click away.

We have a lot to do and to think about regardless of whether we are integrators, vendors or end users.

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