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Big Data in ECM

Big Data: Definition and Features

What is Big Data from the perspective of modern corporate systems and information technologies? Big Data is a series of approaches, instruments and methods used to process structured and unstructured data characterized by huge volumes, vast variety and constant growth. The purpose of Big Data processing lies in finding relevant information and representing it in human-understandable format, so that it could further be used for defining important trends in various spheres of life and for taking decisions based on these trends.

The definition of Big Data is articulated as the three V’s: volume, velocity and variety. Huge amounts of data obtained, unprecedented speed of data streaming and many various types of data formats are the main characteristics and the greatest challenges of Big Data.

Big Data in Day-to-Day Life

There are a lot of examples of applying Big Data methods in various spheres of life.

Mass media, for example, use Big Data techniques to estimate users’ interests and preferences, monitor social media activity and automatically prepare news-sheets or news bulletins.

In healthcare Big Data is accumulated from electronic medical records, body sensors, hospital medical devices. By analyzing such Big Data scientists can predict epidemics.

In science Big Data approaches are widely used in metrology, geology, meteorology, astronomy, etc.

Sport management is all about Big Data that helps games organizers forecast ticket sales and enables bookmakers calculate betting rates.

Big Data in Corporate Systems and ECM

We have mentioned examples from day-to-day life. Let’s have a closer look at the level of corporate systems, particularly enterprise content management systems.

We have analyzed a real company’s 20-year operation in the ECM system. The data gained from the analysis will be used for illustrative purposes.

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