Meeting Management Software

Managing Official Meetings Is Your Challenge

Official meetings are essential for managing any company and may involve not only all the company departments but also external participants such as contractors or stakeholders.

Planning a corporate meeting between multiple top managers is a multifaceted process. Planners must give due consideration to every aspect of the meeting: sending out invitations specifying the date, time, and venue, reserving and preparing conference rooms, designing the agenda and having it approved by all the participants, holding the meeting at the specified time, designing and approving the meeting decision summary document, appointing performers, allocating tasks to them, and, finally, tracking the results.

Planning and running a successful meeting is a major contribution to effective meeting decision execution.

Orienge Meeting Management Is Your Solution

The Orienge Meeting Management solution is designed to streamline meeting management in your company.

The solution enables you to facilitate and optimize meeting management process, including approving date, time, venue, agenda, and tracking meeting decision execution. All the meeting-related steps can be easily customized according to your corporate requirements. Now you will never miss a single step as meeting steps are processed in the specified sequence.

Meeting Management screen Orienge software for meeting management ensures a shared procedure for the whole company.

The Orienge Meeting Management solution allows your organization to efficiently meet the following business challenges:

The Conterra-based solution stands out among other meeting management tools, for example Outlook, as it provides far more extended features. Conterra allows you to automatically prepare and approve all meeting documents (e.g. agenda or meeting decision summary document) and gain control over the meeting decision execution. Now users can easily check availability of conference rooms and book them in the room reservation calendar.

Meeting Management screen Meeting decision document is generated automatically and can bу either printed or approved electronically.
Meeting Management screen

Orienge Meeting Management enables you to make all meeting-related processes transparent, manageable, and controllable. Conterra makes your meeting planning and running more efficient, and decision execution easier-to-track. Besides, favorable conditions for accumulating corporate knowledge base are created. Consequently, the Conterra-based solution significantly increases efficiency of your company meeting management.

Time, Money & Efficiency Are Your Benefits

To help evaluate your Meeting Management solution effectiveness, we have quantified the following performance indicators based on client experience: