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Unique Offer: Your Smart CRM at No Charge

If you agree that “customer is king”, you surely realize that efficient customer relationship management (CRM) is vital for your business success. You want your CRM software to help you find, attract, and win new clients; as well as retain those the company already has. You also want it reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Not only should a CRM platform automate your day-to-day business activities, but it should also provide you with complete visibility of your sales cycle. Capturing and tracking e-mails, reminding of each and every planned meeting or another contact, integrating with other applications used in your company – those are just some of the features you are willing to get. The challenge lies in finding a solution that would fit your very specific CRM requirements.

Knowing that a universal ‘box’ or ‘point’ solution can hardly ever meet all requirements for your organization, Orienge is offering you a truly unique opportunity to get a working software prototype designed for you individually. Your benefits are:

  • you find an answer to you most critical business problem
  • you get a highly customized solution that ideally fits you
  • you test the prototype in your organization
  • you don't have to buy blind
  • you get it all at no charge
  • you get it all in just one week

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