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Help desk (service desk) is an information and assistance resource aimed at providing support to a company's customers or/and to its employees. The services are usually provided via a toll-free number, a website or e-mail. To manage incoming requests with maximum efficiency, full-functional help desk software is needed. Your solution should allow you to create an easy to use help desk portal integrated with your corporate system where all standard service desk processes are automated and improved. Optimized request management would ensure automatic request processing including importing them from one portal/system to another, assigning to staff, and tracking the issues throughout the whole process. There are diverse software applications to support the help desk function; however, finding a solution that would ideally fit your very specific service desk management requirements turns out to be a real challenge.

Knowing that a universal ‘box’ or ‘point’ solution can hardly ever meet all requirements for your organization, Orienge is offering you a truly unique opportunity to get a working software prototype designed for you individually. Your benefits are:

  • you find an answer to you most critical business problem
  • you get a highly customized solution that ideally fits you
  • you test the prototype in your organization
  • you don't have to buy blind
  • you get it all at no charge
  • you get it all in just one week

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