Get tailored software prototype for most effective financial management

Invoices, Bills, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders

Financial documents and processes are definitely key factors in any business. Your billing and invoice software should help you easily create (or capture) invoices, as well as initiate and track the whole approval and payment process. It should optimize and automate you work with accounts payable/ receivable and match them against purchase orders (PO’s). The solution should guarantee against duplicate or overdue payments and empower you with most efficient tools to generate various reports to analyze the financial transactions. Finally, the software should be easy to use and, which is really vital, it should ideally fit your very specific enterprise requirements (processes, standards, etc.).

Knowing that a universal ‘box’ or ‘point’ solution can hardly ever meet all requirements for your organization, Orienge is offering you a truly unique opportunity to get a working software prototype designed for you individually. Your benefits are:

  • you find an answer to you most critical business problem
  • you get a highly customized solution that ideally fits you
  • you test the prototype in your organization
  • you don't have to buy blind
  • you get it all at no charge
  • you get it all in just one week

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