Orienge Quality Management

Meeting your customers’ needs is key to your continued success. For this reason, many organizations look at quality management systems (QMS) as a “must have”.

The Orienge Quality Management business solution allows your quality specialists to plan and execute internal audits, detect and deal with inconsistencies, take corrective and preventive actions, analyze consumers’ satisfaction, and provide objective organizational data.

Orienge QM software automates a significant part of quality specialists’ work, providing ISO 9001:2008 enforcement, and streamlining certification and compliance audit processes.

The Orienge Quality Management business solution provides for:

Meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards for document management, records management, corporate communication, process approach, and QMS analysis improvement, Orienge quality management software is highly regarded by executive managers, QA managers, and internal auditors.

Business Benefits of Orienge Quality Management Implementation

To help evaluate your Quality Management solution effectiveness, we have quantified the following performance indicators based on client experience:


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