Records Management System

Managing Records Is Your Challenge

Every organization struggles to varying degree with a growing number of documents such as incoming and outgoing letters, orders, invoices, accounts, contracts, etc… Add to the pile eDocuments and eRecords. When you overlay confusing organizational policies and governmental regulations, records management can become quite challenging, confusing and downright onerous.

Orienge Records Management System Is Your Solution

Records Management screen Orienge software for managing records is designed to streamline the laborious processes of records creation, maintenance, storing and deletion.

Tremendous efficiencies are achieved by automating user and administrator activities throughout the entire record lifecycle. Easily deployed and utilized, the solution rapidly helps clients realize a significant ROI. Using this system for managing records, you can look forward to improving productivity, reducing the risks, and reducing the costs normally associated with electronic and physical records management.

Records Management screen Various attributes help search and group records efficiently.

Using Orienge system to manage records, you:

Watch the video demonstration and get started with Orienge Records Management, powerful software to optimize your business.

Time, Money & Efficiency are Your Benefits

To help evaluate your records management system effectiveness, we have quantified the following performance indicators based on client experience:

Learn how to get maximum efficiency from your records management system using barcodes and imaging solutions.

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