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    Orienge is proud to introduce Conterra FIM Conterra Financial Information Management (Conterra FIM) combines the power of enterprise-level software and the simplicity of a web application. Take control of your accounting process!
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    Put Conterra’s agility to the test! Define your most critical business challenge, address it to Orienge, and get a working prototype designed individually for your very specific business requirements. Use your chance NOW!
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    Agile, Powerful and Friendly Orienge Conterra is a unique system combining powerful ECM functionality, high flexibility in adapting to customer’s business needs and friendly user experience.
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    Business Solutions Orienge business solutions are based on the Conterra ECM system and effectively deal with a wide range of business challenges.


WHY CONTERRA The Orienge Conterra ECM system helps organizations bring order to corporate content and document management, and promote effective collaboration. With the rich functionality of Conterra, our clients take advantage of an array of high value added benefits. You can as well.


YOUR SOLUTION IS HERE Cost effective “plug and play” Conterra-based business solutions bring new opportunities to business owners and managers. Orienge provides you with first-class software for records management, contract management, HR management, etc.


READ CASE STUDY OIL Company. Contract management.
Ensuring efficient contract management in an oil extraction company. Secure electronic contracts archive, automated and accelerated contract creation, registration and approval, SAP integration. Around 200 users in different offices.

READ CASE STUDY Chemical company. Contract management.
Streamlining and accelerating contract approval processes in an international detergent manufacturer subsidiary. IT solutions consolidation, unique system configuration, approval workflows, analytical reports. Over 100 users.

READ CASE STUDY IT Company. HR processes.
Optimizing HR management in an IT company. Automated HR processes and procedures, action wizards, enhanced personal information security. Fully automated management with around 300 ECM system users.

READ CASE STUDY Media holding. HR processes.
Simplifying and improving recruitment processes in a media holding. Fully automated and speeded up recruitment cycle, efficient and secure data storage and processing, tight integration with customer’s software and applications.

READ CASE STUDY Service company. Invoice management.
Enhancing invoice review and approval processes in a company providing municipal facilities services. Automated accounts payable and invoice management, unified business processes for several remote offices. About 100 users.

READ CASE STUDY Sales company. Service Desk.
Building up an effective and transparent support services structure in a sporting goods company. Fully automated, speeded up and improved support services, a web portal for consumers, knowledge library. Around 50 users.

READ CASE STUDY Sales company. Records management.
Automating  facilitating financial records management in a distributing company. ERP integration, unified records repository, flow document scanning and capturing, optimized and accelerated archival document requests processing.